How I Found the Best Walking Shoes!!

A few months ago I was walking with a friend of mine, enjoying our nightly walk around town, when the inside of my shoe started to come apart. The spring on the inside of the shoe had poked all the way through the padding that was suppose to support my foot and dug itself a nice hole right into my heel. While that part was definitely painful, I realized how painful it was to my bank account as well. That was the third pair of walking shoes that I had purchased in a six month period. Enough was enough! So I set out to find the best walking shoes that would hold up longer than a couple of months and would be worth the price I was willing to invest.

Features That I was Looking for

I knew that purchasing a good walking shoe was more than just trying it on once and taking it home. There are certain features that I needed and wanted to keep my feet protected while hitting the pavement. Those features were:

  • Wide toes, so that my toes wouldn’t feel pinched inside of the shoe
  • Must have enough room that my big toe isn’t touching the end
  • Flexibility in the body of the shoe itself
  • Enough cushioning for my high arch
  • Made of high quality materials and can handle daily walking without falling apart

So I hit the street and went to every shoe store I could find. I tried on multiple types and sizes of shoes. These were the top 3 shoes that I felt made the cut:

Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe

These shoes were probably the most comfortable walking shoes that I had ever tried on. My favorite thing about them is that they are easy to pull on. So when I want to go for a quick walk I don’t have to concern myself too much with making sure the laces are perfect length or tight enough. They just slip right on.

Other features that I love:

  • Added support to the heel
  • An amazing comfort fit midsole. It almost felt like I was walking on a cloud.
  • This shoe is incredibly flexible, allowing for natural walking movement and stretching
  • It’s stretchy, so my foot continues to stay comfortably fitted in the shoe even if my feet swell
  • The foam cushion inside is absolutely amazing, again, just like walking on a cloud

Overall, this is a great walking shoe. Very easy to put on and stays well fitting due to the amazing stretch and high-quality. I would definitely give this shoe a five out of five star rating.

Reebok Men’s Cloudride Dmx Walking Shoe

The Reebok Men’s Cloudride DMX Walking Shoe was an absolute good fit from the word “go”. My favorite feature of these shoes was the flexible grooves on the forefoot of the shoe. It allowed my foot to move in a natural walking motion and allowed me to stretch my feet after walking.


Other features that I love:

  • A lot of toe room to prevent smooshing together of my toes
  • Because of the added support I was able to walk for longer periods of time while alleviating back and knee discomfort that I would occasionally have from walking too long
  • Extra cushioning on the inside for continuous comfort and support
  • Soles are a soft rubber that really grip the road as I’m walking

This walking shoe did wonders for my back and knee pain, an issue that I didn’t even know I had until I wore these shoes and the pain went away. I was able to walk for longer periods of time and loved how the rubber gripped the road as I was walking. I never once felt an odd slip and the gripping helped me to pick up speed. Overall, a fantastic walking shoe. I would give it five out of five stars.

RYKA Women’s Radiant Plus Walking Shoe

I really loved these shoes. The best feature on them is that they were comfortable straight out of the box. I didn’t have to spend periods of time trying to break them in or waiting for blisters to heal. They were comfortable from day one and I never noticed them losing their comfort at all.


Other features that I love:

  • The padded tongue never made my feet feel as if they were suffocating, as can happen when my feet start to swell
  • Outsole is made with an awesome gripping rubber that kept my grip and stability going all day, which helped me increase my speed and endurance
  • The midsole and internal cushioning is amazing, my feet felt incredibly supported the entire time that I was walking
  • Shock absorption was also fantastic. There were times that my foot came down hard on the cement and I never felt it reverberating into my back or knees.

This was another great shoe. I loved pretty much everything about it, especially the shock absorption and the fact that I didn’t have to break it in. It could be part of the list of Best shoes for being on your feet all day. I would give it five out of five stars.

Final Verdict

It is hard for me to choose between the three best walking shoes that I found, but if I had to do it I would say that the Sketchers were my favorite. They were such a basic and easy to put on shoe and the added comfort and support really made them the best of the best, and that’s how I found the best walking shoes!!

My next project: to search for running shoes for flat feet, which I started reading some reviews here http://bestwalkingfeet.com/good-shoes-for-flat-feet/, as well as find the best insoles for flat feet. Wish me luck!

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